Ain't I A Woman Group Exhibition at TILA Studios in March 2018 

You Look So Good With The Hat On
Sierra King, Installation, 2018

You Look So Good With The Hat On is a recollection of a memory—my Grandmother and her Church Hats. When I was younger I remember walking into the Church and anticipating seeing which hat Grandmama would have on. I would count the pews until I got to her and see her crowned with a hat that matched her satin or sequin dress to a T.

Recently, I have become enamored with studying and researching the archives on my family and their photos. I noticed that many photos of my Great-Grandmother were taken during special occasions or on the way to church, where she dressed in the all of her regalia from Crown to Toe. You look So Good With The Hat On became an exploration in finding those pieces and bringing the memories attached to them back into present day.
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