B I O G R A P H Y 

Sierra is an Atlanta based Artist, Photographer and Archivist. Her creative and arts administration work is dedicated to documenting, preserving and archiving the work of Black Women Artists. 
Sierra holds a Bachelor's of Arts Degree in Art from Valdosta State University. She is currently the Community Manager for TILA Studios, a visual arts incubator for Black Women Artists and the Research Director for Black Girl Magik, a collective conjuring a transnational sisterhood for women across the African diaspora.
"This documentation becomes an investigation of the relationship between the artist and the photographer. And even greater than that the Black Woman Artist places trust in my eye to respect her likeness and is able to see herself in me while capturing her.
 In my documentation of her work, I am also documenting myself, as an artist and the possibilities of what a Black Woman Artist can look like for others to find far after we have gone and the work has been made." ​​​​​​​